Five Ways to de-stress your hallway

Picture the scene, it’s 6.30pm, you get home from work and you’re exhausted, there’s a load of mail at your feet as you open the door, nowhere to put your keys (so you can never find them in the morning), the banister is overflowing with coats and you can hardly move for shoes and bags on the floor. Your hallway might not be at the top of the list of priorities for home improvement but you would be surprised by what a difference having a spruce up could have to your daily routine (and stress levels leaving/ returning home).

Often the unofficial dumping ground of the house, especially when children are involved, your hallway can become an area of chaos and a source of stress every time you are trying the leave on time. Restoring order in my own hallway has almost banished stressy mornings where I cant find anything, and I’ve even found it has had a knock on effect in the rest of the house. Here are the five things I did to turn my hallway from the worst place in the house, to the most serene!

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Clever Wall Shelves

Imagine if there was somewhere you could hook your keys and umbrella, file away post until a later date, and pin important messages? Enter the Muuto Folded Shelf which do all of the above and come in five gorgeous colourways. Ikea, Nomess and Nkuku all do their own versions too but these are definitely my favourite.

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Coat Storage

I got so fed up with everyone throwing their coats on the banister, or worse the back of dining room chairs I needed to find a solution for what I coined coat city-a few pegs just weren’t cutting it for our family of four. I found a maker on etsy who uses old pipework to make hanging racks so I had two mounted on the wall and bought a load of hangers. It works great for us- eliminating the option to pile five coats on one hook, every coat has its own hanger and it looks infinitely more tidy. I can now also see what coats we have- joy! Ikea do an adjustable version on the wall mounted hanger which is a bargain at £5 a go. In addition to this I also added some extra wall hooks the ‘dots’ from Muuto for hanging my handbag on and for when we have friends and family visiting.

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In the interests of creating as much floor space as possible to achieve a more clean and uncluttered feel I tried to use the walls as much as possible to provide storage. I also applied this approach to shoe storage and found some super fun wall-mounted shoe shelves from Swedih brand Maze. I got three racks and places them side by side and we also now have a rule in our house that each of us is only allowed three pairs of shoes downstairs at any given time, Its worked wonders!

A place to perch

This is a must for me with children that aren’t the best at doing their shoelaces! If you can fit a bench or even a stool in your hallway it makes such a difference getting ready in the morning and taking shoes off at night. If space is really tight, something wall-mounted which flaps down when you don’t need it will work just as well. We have a bench from Hay which doubles up as extra dining table seating when we have friends for dinner.

Lighting and accessories

For the finishing touches I have a few hallway essentials. First is a wall clock so you don’t have to fumble into your bag to find your phone and check the time in those last few minutes. Second is a large week-by week calendar (I love the ones from Nomess), a glance at that will be a lifesaver in the mornings when you need to remember kits and lunches or materials for an important meeting. Third is lighting- hallways are often dark little pockets of the home so if you can add an extra wall light in your hallway it will make dark mornings and darker nights more bearable. Otherwise, swapping your bulb for a brighter wattage will also help. And finally is a mirror, for that final check before you leave the house without having to dash back to the bathroom. Good luck creating more order in your hallway, I’d love to hear how you get on and if you have any tips you can share with me that I haven’t included here :) x